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A paw-sitive dental experience

We’re excited to introduce you to our beloved therapy doggo, Archie!

Archie, our hypoallergenic Sheepadoodle, is an invaluable member of our dental family, providing comfort and joy to our little patients. With his friendly behavior and gentle interactions, our four-legged friend effortlessly puts children at ease, ensuring your child’s dental visits are always comfortable and fun.

Archie’s special connection with kids will add an extra layer of fun and enjoyment to your little one’s appointments. Your family will appreciate this new furry buddy for his calming influence and ability to reduce stress, creating a positive experience for you and your child.

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Jacqueline F.

Dr. Jason is skilled, patient, personable, and put the whole family at ease. When your 5-year-old leaves the dental chair smiling, you know it’s a win!

Frequently Asked Questions

I'd love for my child to meet Archie, what can I do?

Simply let us know when you schedule your appointment, and we’ll make sure that Archie is at the office during your visit! We want your child to have the opportunity to meet our amazing therapy dog.

What if my child is uncomfortable around dogs?

We understand that every child is unique, and their comfort is essential to us. Rest assured, we prioritize creating a safe environment where all kiddos feel safe. Archie is well-trained and will remain in designated areas, taking into consideration those who may feel uneasy around dogs.

If you have any concerns or prefer not to have Archie around for any reason, please inform us when you make your appointment. We’ll ensure that Archie is kept away from your child.

How can a therapy dog help my child during dental appointments?

Therapy dogs, like our beloved Archie, play an important role in making dental appointments a positive experience for children. Archie’s friendly and gentle nature helps create a calming presence in the office, reducing anxiety and fear.

Spending time with Archie can distract and relax your child, allowing them to feel at ease during their dental treatment. By providing comfort, joy, and a sense of security, this lovely furry friend helps to make the entire dental experience more enjoyable for your little one.

What other options do you offer to help my child feel at ease?

We provide nitrous oxide (known as laughing gas) and IV sedation to help children relax during their treatment.

Our friendly team is great with kids and knows how to help them feel at ease. We take great care in tailoring our approach to each child’s individual needs, ensuring they have a comfortable and positive experience with us.

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