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Cavities are a common problem in children. Left untreated, they can lead to even more decay and result in premature tooth loss.

If your child has advanced tooth decay or has lost a baby or a permanent tooth, we’ve got your back! Our Middletown dental crowns include porcelain and stainless steel options to help your child enjoy a healthy smile and prevent other issues. They’re great for:

  • Allowing permanent teeth to develop properly
  • Preventing/treating pain and infection
  • Avoiding chewing and speech problems

Looking for restorative treatments for children? Request an appointment with Dr. Tesoriero today. Call (732) 852-9200.

Pediatric dental crowns at our office:

  • $Stainless steel crowns: Ideal to protect severely decayed baby teeth. These crowns are placed on top of the tooth.
  • $Porcelain crowns: Designed to restore decayed, damaged, or missing permanent teeth and provide a natural look.

Our Middletown dental crowns for kids:

Help your child have normal speech and chewing
Prevent crooked teeth in the future

Avoid further decay and infection

Allow adult teeth to erupt properly

Jerry C.

Dr. Jason made my daughter feel very comfortable and as happy as can be. Highly recommend, especially if your child gets nervous or scared about the dentist.

Erin L.

Dr. Jason and the staff are FANTASTIC! I was holding back tears due to being so impressed with his professionalism and friendliness. I’m so grateful to find him and I’m looking forward future appointments.

Jacqueline F.

Dr. Jason is skilled, patient, personable, and put the whole family at ease. When your 5-year-old leaves the dental chair smiling, you know it’s a win!

A healthy smile starts here!

We understand that visiting the dentist can be an intimidating experience for kids, and our team is dedicated to making it a positive and stress-free experience. We are here to support and guide your child every step of the way.

Dr. Tesoriero will address all of your questions.

Assessment of your child’s needs and restorative treatment recommendations based on their needs.

We offer TV, music, and other entertainment that will help your child relax!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why fix baby teeth if they are going to fall out?

Even though baby teeth fall out, keeping them healthy is necessary for your child’s long-term oral health.

Baby teeth are important for your child’s ability to chew and talk properly, so it’s essential to keep them healthy. Additionally, they act as a guide for the permanent teeth to grow into the right position. If baby teeth fall out too early due to decay or damage, it can cause problems with the permanent teeth later on.

Do baby teeth with crowns fall out?

Yes, your child’s baby teeth will fall out regardless of whether they have cave crowns on them.

Do you have more questions about dental crowns for children? Dr. Tesoriero is here to answer them. Book an appointment with him to discuss all of your concerns.

Are crowns painful for children?

Crowns don’t need to be painful. At our pediatric dental office, we use a variety of sedation options to help our young patients feel at ease during their dental crowns procedure. They can also ask for Archie, our friendly office dog, for support and reassurance.

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