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Cavities, a common issue in children, can lead to discomfort and affect your little one’s health and well-being. Led by Dr. Tesoriero, our team focuses on preventing and treating Middletown cavities comfortably and effectively, ensuring a positive and pain-free experience for your child.

Our treatments include fillings, SDF cavity treatment, sealants, and crowns designed for young smiles. Ready to protect your child’s teeth? Reach out to us in Middletown at (732) 852-9200.

Effective treatments for every tiny smile

Our pediatric dental services are crafted to address cavities with the utmost care and precision:


Fillings: To restore health and function to teeth affected by decay.


SDF Cavity Treatment: A non-invasive method to halt decay progression.


Sealants: A preventive measure against cavities in hard-to-clean areas.


Crowns: Durable protection for teeth severely affected by decay, available in porcelain for permanent teeth and stainless steel for baby teeth.

Does my child have cavities?

Early detection and treatment are key to preventing the spread of cavities and ensuring your child’s dental health. Is your little one experiencing…

  • Persistent toothache or sensitivity to hot and cold foods?
  • Visible holes or pits in your child’s teeth?
  • Pain when biting down?
  • White, brown, or black staining on any surface of a tooth?

Dr. Tesoriero, your Middletown cavities dentist, is here to help. Call: (732) 852-9200.

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Expert care for tooth decay treatment

We use the latest technology and gentle methods to treat and prevent tooth decay, ensuring your child’s comfort and the best possible outcomes. Our team is trained to address dental issues with empathy and expertise, making every visit a positive experience for children and parents alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs my child might have a cavity?

Signs of a cavity include noticeable discomfort or pain in the mouth, sensitivity to hot and cold foods or drinks, visible holes or pits in the teeth, and dark stains on the tooth surface. Regular dental check-ups with Dr. Tesoriero can help in early detection and treatment.

Are dental sealants safe and effective?

Dental sealants are safe and highly effective against cavities! They’re applied as a liquid onto the grooves of the back teeth and then harden to form a protective shield over the enamel, blocking out bacteria and food particles.

How can I help prevent cavities in my child's teeth?

Preventing cavities involves establishing a routine of good oral hygiene, including brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste, flossing regularly, and reducing intake of sugary foods and drinks. Regular dental check-ups and professional cleanings are crucial for spotting early signs of decay and applying preventive treatments like sealants.

How does SDF treatment work?

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is a liquid solution applied to cavities to stop decay. It’s a quick, painless treatment that strengthens tooth enamel and kills bacteria causing decay. SDF is especially useful for small cavities, hard-to-reach areas, or for patients where traditional drilling is challenging.

When is a crown needed instead of a filling?

We recommend crowns when a tooth is extensively decayed or damaged and cannot be properly restored with a filling. Crowns provide a full cover for the tooth, restoring its shape, size, strength, and appearance.

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