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Thumb sucking and pacifier use are natural parts of early experiences, helping little ones feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe. However, if prolonged, these habits can lead to oral development issues.

Our friendly and expert team, led by Dr. Tesoriero, is dedicated to providing personalized, fun, and safe dental care to guide your child toward a healthy smile. Let us help you lay the foundation for a healthy future for your little one! Contact us online or call us in Middletown at (732) 852-9200.

Consequences of thumb sucking & pacifier use

Prolonged thumb sucking and pacifier use can lead to important dental problems for your child. Our team at Acorn Pediatric Dental is here to help you understand and manage these potential issues, which include:


Improper mouth growth: Persistent thumb and pacifier sucking can change the natural growth pattern of your child’s mouth.


Misaligned bite: These habits can lead to issues like overbites or crossbites, affecting your child’s teeth alignment.


Speech problems: Altered oral structures can harm speech development.


Cavities or gum loss: Particularly risky if the pacifier is dipped in juices or other sweet beverages.


Open bite: A noticeable gap can appear between the upper and lower teeth when the mouth is closed.

Recognizing the Signs

Have you noticed any of the following symptoms in your child?

  • Changes in tooth alignment
  • Changes in the shape of the roof of the mouth
  • Development of an open bite
  • Difficulty in speech
  • Noticeable overbite or crossbite
  • Increased dental sensitivity or discomfort

If you are worried about any of these signs, at Acorn Pediatric Dental we can help. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Tesoriero today! Call: (732) 852-9200.

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Treating prolonged thumb sucking/pacifier use

At our Middletown dental office, we believe in a nurturing approach to treatment. Dr. Tesoriero and our team offer customized strategies to gently encourage your child away from thumb-sucking and pacifier use. Our aim is not just to correct these habits, but also to foster a positive and healthy relationship with dental care from an early age!

Frequently Asked Questions

When should my child stop using a pacifier or sucking their thumb?

Ideally, these habits should stop before the eruption of permanent teeth to prevent dental issues.

What are the signs that these habits are affecting my child’s dental health?

Look for changes in teeth alignment, the shape of the roof of the mouth, or the development of an open bite. If you notice any worrying symptoms, Dr. Tesoriero can help you understand what’s going on and what to do.

How can prolonged pacifier use affect my child's teeth?

Prolonged thumb sucking/pacifier use can lead to several issues, like misalignment, speech problems, cavities, and changes in mouth development. This could mean the need for costly and more uncomfortable orthodontic treatments in the future.

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