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Getting through dental anxiety in kids can feel like navigating a maze, but don’t worry, we’re here to help! At Acorn Pediatric Dental, Dr. Tesoriero and our warm-hearted team are here to turn those frowns upside down. Our office is designed to be a fun zone where fears are forgotten, especially with Archie, our cuddly Sheepadoodle therapy dog, wagging away those worries!

Is your little one anxious about dental care? Our Middletown dental anxiety dentist is here to help. Reach out to us at (732) 852-9200.

Understanding Dental Anxiety

Is your child nervous about visiting the dentist? No problem!


It’s okay to feel a bit worried about dentist visits — we’re here to hold hands (and paws!)


From just a tad nervous to really rattled, we understand all the levels of anxiety and know just how to handle them with expertise and empathy.


Our caring team knows how to turn those scary moments into manageable ones with lots of understanding and patience.


At our office, we offer safe sedation options including nitrous oxide and IV sedation to help your child relax.

Preparing your child for their visit

Here are some ideas to help your child prepare for their visit:

  • Talk about the dentist in a fun and positive light (maybe the dentist is a superhero for teeth!)
  • Have a pretend dental check-up with their favorite toy to demystify the process.
  • Share a storybook about visiting the dentist.
  • Drop by to say hello to us and Archie.
  • Pack a small bag with their favorite book, a cuddly toy, and a blanket for the visit.
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Ready for a worry-free dental experience?

At Acorn Pediatric Dental, we are experts in creating a calm and welcoming environment to make dental visits a breeze (for children and parents alike!). With our team’s friendliness, gentle touch, and sedation options, we ensure every procedure is smooth sailing. Plus, Archie’s ready with his wagging tail to keep spirits high and fears low.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can nitrous oxide help my child during dental visits?

Nitrous oxide, often called laughing gas, is a safe and effective sedative that helps relax children who are anxious about dental procedures.

How does a therapy dog help reduce dental anxiety?

Archie, our hypoallergenic Sheepadoodle, provides emotional support and distracts from the dental environment, which can significantly reduce anxiety and create a more enjoyable experience.

Are there long-term solutions for dental phobia?

Regular visits and positive experiences at the dentist can gradually reduce dental fear. Dr. Tesoriero, our Middletown dental anxiety dentist helps nervous patients build trust and confidence over time.

What is IV sedation, and when is it used?

IV sedation is used for deeper sedation to help extremely anxious children undergo dental treatments without stress or fear.

What should I do if my child is scared before a dental appointment?

Talk to them about their fears, maintain a positive tone, and reassure them. Let us know, so we can prepare to make their visit as comforting as possible!

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